You'll Never Ban Rock 'N' Roll

by Chemical X

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released August 13, 2016



all rights reserved


Chemical X Denver, Colorado

Punk from Denver, CO

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Track Name: Cry Baby
Cry Baby

Like cry baby brats jealous of a new toy,
You want to take, take, take everything we enjoy,
Throw a tantrum and stomp your feet,
You want the whole world to stop to show you sympathy,
Well I'm not the one that you want to cry to,
I do what I want and never answer to you.

You're a Cry Baby,
You're a Cry Baby,
You're a Cry Baby,
Try all you want but you'll never ban rock 'n' roll!

I'm sick, sick, sick of your whiney bull shit,
If you don't like me you can suck my dick,
You're always so quick to open your mouth,
Talk about things you know nothing about,
You want to ban this and you want to ban that,
I want to beat in your head with a baseball bat.

If this song offends you, good, it's supposed to,
We do not aim to please any of you crybabies, wimps and losers,
Throw our album in the trash if you don't like it, this music is not for you,
Go listen to The Grateful Dead or The Wiggles or something,
We don't care about you or your blog.
You should worry about your own life, I'm doing just fine,
You should mind your own business and stay the fuck out of mine.
Track Name: Sheep

Just follow the herd,
Off the fucking ledge,
With no thought at all,
Eat what you are fed,
Stare at your TV screen,
Don't you touch that dial,
Just another useless pawn,
In the rank and file.

We are all just sheep, looking for somebody to follow,
We're helpless and weak, they feed us shit, we smile and swallow,
We're living on our knees, drowning in a sea of sorrow,
How can I laugh today when there's no hope for tomorrow.

You mindlessly breed,
In numbers there is strength,
Instead of growing strong,
You're getting dumber and gaining weight,
Do you really think you're safe?,
Wave a flag and say your grace,
While you ignore what goes on,
They're coming with bombs and tanks.
Track Name: Are You Stupid?
Are You Stupid?

I am not your friend, don't call me your brother,
Don't come out to our shows you stupid mother fucker,
You are not superior, you're just white trash,
Backwards racist with your head up your ass.

Are you stupid?
A little slow?
You're just ignorant,
No one likes you, it's time for you to go.

At least your hood covers up that stupid ugly face,
No brain and no teeth, you are not the master race,
Your morals completely turned around,
You hate anyone who's a different shade of brown.

Why do you insist on opening your mouth,
You know there will be a fight every time you come around,
Go be inbred somewhere else, you're not welcome here,
We'll kick your ass out and drink the rest of your beer.
Track Name: Religious Control
Religious Control

Praying to God but he hasn't helped yet,
It's all in his plan, famine and death,
Ignore the tragedies, cover up your eyes,
Life is easy when comforted by lies,
They say they separate the church and the state,
While the priests sit on million dollar estates,
Donate your money, they don't pay a tax,
Take the food off your plate and the clothes off your back.

No more Religious Control

Sinners and heathens you better start believing,
Religious extremest will rid you of your demons,
It's just another blood sacrifice,
All is forgiven if it's in the name of Christ,
If there's a hell below we're all going to go,
The blood on your hand is from the knife in my throat,
Silence and kill all of those with free will,
Billions have been killed and they won't stop until,
There's no more religious control.
Track Name: Smash Your Screens
Smash Your Screens

Never go outside again, all you ever do is stare at the screen,
Gossip on the internet like a teenage high school drama queen,
Everyone is real impressed by your stolen personality,
Ignorance is bliss, some say, drown yourself in apathy.

Smash, Smash, Smash Your Screens, turn us back into human beings,
Smash, Smash, Smash Your Screens, there's a world outside that you don't see.

Work so hard, try and try, to impress fake people with your fake life,
Attention hungry, desperate, a thousand friends that you don't like,
Spill your guts out everywhere, come to find that they don't care,
Waiting for the train to wreck, to see how their sad life compares.

Self involved, self obsessed, so involved in your selfishness,
Constant need for self esteem, I'll beat you to death with your selfie stick,
I'm sick of politics, celebrities, useless thoughts and your beliefs,
Droning on so endlessly, still haven't changed a goddamn thing.
Track Name: Demons

Darkness is closing in quick,
It twists my brains, makes my thoughts turn sick,
Visions of murder and people screaming,
Bodies on the floor everywhere bleeding,
Something evil inside I got to feed,
Another murder is what I need,
I'll strangle, stab or beat you to death,
Gasping for your last breath.

There's a demon inside of me, can I kill it? Hell No!

I'm seeing visions straight out of hell,
How many I've killed, no one can tell,
Pick my victims at random when I kill,
They haven't caught me, I doubt they ever will.

When you see me walking up to your front door,
Turn off the lights and get down on the floor,
Grab you by the throat, cut out your vocal chords,
The police won't hear you screaming no more,
I'm sick, twisted, a real mental case,
I can't wait to slash up your pretty little face,
Can you stop me? Hell No! Will god save you? Hell No!
I'll make sure your death is painful and slow.
Track Name: Get Off My Dick
Get Off My Dick

Everyone is in my face, everyone is on my dick,
Just won't leave me alone, they won't shut up with all their shit,
It's getting the best of me, their shit is all I can hear,
I hope they get the message when I say it loud and clear.

Get off my dick!

I'm going to find the highest tower with a real good scope,
Start picking off all the people that I want to choke,
Should have listened when I said get off my fucking back,
All of this bullshit is going to make me snap.
Track Name: Freaks Unite
Freaks Unite

This song goes out to the kids who got nowhere to go,
We aren't sure how we got this way, I guess we'll never know,
We are the freaks, weirdos and creeps, we don't fit into society,
We aren't like you, we don't want to be, just another jerk, you're so boring.

We're the punks, the skins and all the weirdos, metal heads and anti-heroes,
One thing we have in common, we've been beat down and forgotten,
They all said we won't survive, we're still here to their surprise,
We will never prove them right, Freaks Unite!

This song goes out to all our friends that stuck around,
The ones who always have our backs, let's have another round,
We are assholes, drunks and inconsiderate idiots,
But that's why we all stick together, lowlifes and freaks forever.
Track Name: Follow You Home
Follow You Home

I saw you standing there in the corner of the room,
I knew I would never have the courage to talk to you,
But I want to keep you safe from all of those creeps,
So I'll escort you to your place just to watch you fall asleep.

I'll follow you home, and wherever you may go,
I'll follow you home, so you'll never have to be all alone.

It amazes me how much you learn when watching from afar,
I know all of your favorite things and how you love gazing at the stars,
And all I want is for you to just notice me,
And then we would fall in love and live our lives oh so happily.

So there I was, standing in the rain,
I watched you take his hand, as I just took the pain,
And I know, oh lord, he's not the one for you,
I meant when I said I'd do anything, even kill a man for you.
And that's a promise I intend to keep,
I'll get him out of the picture until it's just you and me.